Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snow in May......'s crazy!!!! 

The last few days have been cold and snowy but really beautiful.  I'm worried about everything that's blooming and all the little vegies coming up in my garden but not much a person can do about it.  It was in the 80's on Wednesday and then by Thursday night it was freezing.  The forecast is for 80 again by Wednesday.  It's so grands will be out of school in just a few days and heading to the pool.  Wish Mother Nature would quit picking on us.

This weekend is a porch event at Leola's.  Luckily, we're inside!  So many outdoor antique shows and arts and crafts shows going on in our area.  Feel so bad for those who have worked so hard and have to endure this.  It's just crazy!!!!

Thankfully, the beautiful weather earlier in the week gave me time to complete some projects.  I made another toolbox shelf.  Sister Jean had one at Leola's that had been there too long so she let me transform it. 

After giving it a good sanding the nice oak grain came out.  It's back at Leola's now and will, hopefully, find a new home.

This was a little cubby that I found that was natural wood with galvanized metal on the inside.  I painted it linen white and waxed it.  Love the way it turned out.  I think one of the women at Leola's bought it.

My kids gave me the gift of a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas.  I love it and it's perfect for one person.  My problem was the room it took for two pots (I still needed my regular pot).  This is my solution......a coffee bar.  My pictures aren't great but love the end result.  Everything is all together and don't have to use valuable counter space.  There was also the issue of having to pull the coffee makers out to fill with water.  Works great!
 It's also nice when you have guests because they're able to fix their own coffee.

Guess I'd better get my Saturday started.....lots on the agenda.  Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  Say a little prayer that spring returns soon to Missouri.


Danavee said...

Love your coffee bar!!!!!!! Super cute!

Sharon said...

I am hoping spring arrives for good soon too ! Sis and I were out garage saleing early this morning. Burr--
Hope your sale goes good this weekend . I am dieing to get out and clean up my porch and make it pretty for spring and summer .Wish I could be there to see all the goodies , I always come away with wonderful inspiration .