Sunday, July 21, 2013

 Judy and I took off on Saturday morning heading to an auction in Stotts City, Missouri, a tiny town not far from Springfield.  It's the home of Stearnsie Bears and it was this family that was cleaning out their parents houses, barns and storage buildings.  I think they own most of the buildings in town.  Were we ever in for a thrill!

This was one of the buildings that was piled with the most incredible things.

I've never been to a sale like this one.  It had started the night before with items that were offered on-line.  It was in the 90's all day and we almost didn't make it through the heat.  Think we're tougher then we think we are.

This was our main reason for going there on Sat......Judy's husband wanted this post office piece.  He even let us take his brand new pick-up.  By the way, the piece went for more then he was willing to pay.  It was beautiful.
 This little bent willow chair came home with me.
 ....and some of the crocks.

Also brought home a bunch of green mason jars.  The really old big ones.....some have bales and some with zinc lids.

 We couldn't believe all the Christmas.  Judy brought these old bottle-brush trees home.

We both have several boxes of vintage ornaments.

 Judy got the lighted Santa in original box.
 I love really early baskets and managed to bring a few home.  There were two others who seemed to love early primitives.  These were so good that I knew that if I paid too much to resale that they could live happily at my house.
 Here was the back of the truck plus the extended cab was piled to the top with quilts, crocks, a mannequin, suitcases and all kinds of treasures.  I was so thrilled to actually get some furniture.  It gets harder and harder for dealers to buy furniture at auctions.
It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, even with the heat.  It's so fun getting a head start on fall & holiday goods for Leola's.

Guess I'll spend today washing old jars and oiling lots of old wood spoons and rolling pins (some of my favorite things to do).  Just love to see what happens when you put that oil on a dry piece of wood (I'm such a simple person).

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Danavee said...

Talk about eye candy! That looks like the sale of the century!

Debra Oliver said... what a haul of fantastic things!