Monday, July 15, 2013

Perfect porch night.....

It's a perfect night for setting on the back porch.  We're having one of those wonderful, fragrant summer showers that has cooled the air but no storm with it.  That's one of my fondest childhood memories.....running around outside in a sudden summer shower.  We didn't have air-conditioning and we lived out in the country and if we swam, we went on Sunday's to an aunt's house and swam in the creek.  What a thrill to strip down to your underwear and cool off.  That's what tonight reminds me of.

I worked so hard outside today cutting down vines and cleaning weeds from the garden.  So far this is my green bean harvest.....
Kind of pitiful!  Hopefully, in a couple of days there will be more to add.  They've been slow to produce.  I've had one tomato and one zucchini but luckily, the farmer's mkt. has tons of veggies so I'll just be patient.

Hope everyone got to see the magazine.  We were so fortunate to have some one invite us to be in their magazine and we are so grateful for the wonderful job they did for us and hopefully, we did for them.  It's amazing to be at the age that Linda, Judy, and I are and to be recognized for all the hard work you do.  Seems so seldom that anyone stops to tell another "good job".  I try so hard to remember to be thoughtful of others feelings but I'm certain I haven't always remembered either.  So often it seems that because you're old, people don't think you have feelings.  The most excited person to see it was the girl who checked me out at Walgreens.....felt like hugging her.  Oh, well, I pray often for God to give me the ability to live my life so content that I don't need the loyalty or approval of others.  I'm slowly getting there.

My sweet new neighbors told me I could cut all their oak leaf hydrangeas for drying.  So today I did just that and also, cleaned out their front landscaping.  We both benefited.  Love the way the oak leafs dry.

As soon as they're dry, I'll take them to Leola's.  They're so gorgeous in a basket or white ironstone.

Since it's getting really dark, think it's time to go in and read.  Can't wait to see the garden in the morning after this rain.

Have a great rest of the week!


Danavee said...

I went to B&N to get the magazine. I want an autograph!!!! Beautifully done!!!!

Cindy said...

Jan, what a beautiful post! We are on our way to pick up our antique altar and while in the truck, I was weeding through all the magazines that have accumulated, and was so excited to see your feature in Vintage Style Magazine!! Congratulations! That is so exciting! It's definitely frame worthy and needs to be hanging on the wall in your beautiful shop Leola's Vintage Home & Garden!! Well deserved!
Edith & Evelyn Vintage

Carolyn Langston said...

Jan -- I just love your blog and your positive energy comes through loud and clear!