Friday, August 16, 2013


It has just been one of those beautiful weeks in southern Missouri that is so not normal for August.  Usually, the back porch is pretty much not used during August because of the heat and humidity that's the norm but not this August.  First of the month, we had tons of rain and humidity but this week has been a delight and the back porch has been a popular place for working and relaxing. 

That's where I took these pictures last night of the two log buildings that my nice neighbor, Dave, just finished.

This is the school and church.  They have wonderful little benches and pieces inside.  Love the cross that Dave replaced on the church.  They all have their lights replaced with new cords.
 Sorry that it's kind of blurry but should have used a tripod.  Also, that blur in the center is a big ole scratch on my lens.  Rather then having it replaced, I'm thinking I'm buying myself a new camera for my birthday in September.
 Dave did such a great job replacing all the little missing parts and making them match perfectly. 

So excited to find an estate sale in my neighborhood.  Estate sales seem to be the sale of choice now when there's a houseful to get rid of.  They always bring in a huge crowd and seems to me that prices are higher then at an auction.  This one even had food and lots of seniors loading sacks (not me).  It does make me sad sometimes to think about digging in some one's possessions (this one even had her underwear and nightgowns).  I'm definitely telling Allison that if she chooses an estate sale when I'm gone, to pleeeeeze throw away my underwear and personal items in the bathroom.  Don't think that's too much to ask!
Anyway, this is some of what I bought....


This is an apron pattern I found and I think I'm going to try to make one .  This would be so much fun to wear at Leola's so you don't get dirty while moving and rearranging.

Couldn't believe my g'kiddoes went back to school this week.  Sage goes to a different school this year and has to ride a bus.  It makes for a really long day for an 11 year old boy but he loves his new school.  Stella and Phoebe are in 4th grade.  Hope they have a wonderful year!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


dulcy said...

I have a similar little church mom had made for me by a young man we met at an art show at least 30 years ago. It has the little pew inside. So sweet. I love your!


Jenny said...

Oh, I love those little log houses!

And that apron pattern!

And estates sales!