Saturday, August 31, 2013

Leola's Fall Open House.....

Can you believe it's that time again!!!!  Wish the weather was more fallish but the signs are all over.  There are heavy cobwebs everywhere, the locusts start making their sounds earlier in the afternoon and leaves are falling all over.  To top it all off.....TOMORROW IS SEPTEMBER 1!  How can that be?

I've been trying to complete some of my projects.  Does anyone else have that issue?  I have all these projects half finished and nothing completed.  So yesterday I finished 2 appliqued pillows and 2 lampshades.

These are the two lampshades I made.  Note to self "don't make lampshade with fabric containing large amount of polyester".  It was so hard to glue but thank heaven, I had lots of clothes pins and ribbon (& patience).  This was the fabric for the back of my pillows so thought it would be wonderful for a shade......and it looks great but was sooooooo difficult to make.  Actually, this shade (including labor) should sell for about $500).  But it won't!

Love the way it looks on the black lamp.....and with the pillow.

 This is the wool pumpkin pillow I made.  Do you know how hard it is to find orange wool.  Impossible!  So had to dye my own.

Guess I'd better get back to the work table.  Lots of projects to complete by next Thursday evening plus there are dozens of candles to be marked (did I tell you I don't like marking merchandise?).

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and can stay cool.


Donna Wilkes said...

Love those pillows! The lampshade was worth the bother - it is great. I passed up an orange wool blanket today - not thinking of pumpkins!

summersundays-jw said...

Can't believe you passed up an orange wool blanket....I never see orange. Thanks for checking out my blog. Jan

Sharon said...

Those pillows are soooo cute ! Good luck with your open house , I hope we can make it up there sometime this weekend . I like the lamp too .

Susan said...

Oh my gosh that lamp and lampshade is WONDERFUL!!!! Love the pillows too.

Tammy Burks said...

Love your pillows! They are adorable!!! If you ever need more orange wool just look up Renee Rethman in Clever, MO...she has beautiful hand-dyed wools. She was my very first rug hooking student and took over the eBay store that I started
However, so proud you dyed your own....I love dyeing wool!! And that must have the patience of a saint!

Dog Trot Farm said...

I just love your pillows and the lampshade is lovely, time consuming, but certainly worth it...Enjoy this late summer day...Julie.

Jenny said...

Good luck on the open house!

I'd love to come shopping at it!

Those pillows are amazing...Love the pumpkin one especially!