Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October, October......

It was brought to my attention today, while working at Leola's, that it had been awhile since I had posted.  It was kind of a surprise to find that I was missed......thanks, Ursula!  What could be a better time to post then the first day of October.....my favorite month.

No, this isn't today.  It was taken last year on my street when g'girl Stella was with me.  The leaves are beginning to turn and I'm noticing that it's already starting to get dark at 7:00.  My favorite thing is that I haven't had to turn the a.c. or furnace on for about 2 weeks although it gets pretty warm in the afternoons.  Traded sister, Linda, a pair of overalls for a load of kindling and have lots of wood left from last year so let those cool nights move in.....I'm ready!

Love having a needlework project going and since Holiday Open House is coming up, a pillow project was in order.  My stock of pillows is gone at the shop so need to get busy.

I've been collecting funnels for months trying to get the right sizes for trees.  Loved these when I saw them last holiday time so decided they would be perfect with all my primitives.

I'm still working on what to do for the star.  Made this one with some vines but not sure that's what I want but love the way they turned out.

This is another chair that my neighbor Dave, re-worked for me.  He loves hand-caneing and does such a wonderful job.  There are now 3 of them at Leola's sitting around the table I took in.

There are also two pressed-back chairs that are wonderful.  For some reason chairs seem to be hard to find right now.

Judy, Jean and I are getting ready to head to a big antique sale in Franklin, TN.  Can't wait!  We leave next week and plan to find some great treasures  for the holidays at Leola's.  I'll take lots of pictures and share when I get home.  Had hoped to have a new camera before this trip but haven't made a decision yet.

Hope everyone is enjoying a great fall.


Myra said...

Jan- I miss your posts, but hate to nag you!! I need to get down to Leola's! Today is my b-day and I always get a shopping trip to your store for a gift! I always have trouble leaving comments, too! Hope this works.

Sharon Wengel said...

I love the funnel trees ! They will look great with your primitive stuff . I am looking forward to your pictures from Tennessee . Wish I could go with you , sounds like so much fun ! I have 10 days between the shows this year and will have to work my butt off to get more stuff ready for the next one. You guys should come down to War Eagle fair if you are back in time . 16th - 20th