Monday, January 13, 2014

January daze......

I kind of feel like I've been in a daze the last couple of weeks.  This seems to be my normal way of being in January.  I sort of shut down and have no ambition, but maybe that's the way it's supposed to be in January.  It's just very hard for me to take on this mindset (I can hear my Dad telling me now to quit "lollygagging" around or he'd find me a job).  My parents were not people who knew how to "lollygag" so it kind of leaves me with this guilt but I'm getting much better at it.

This afternoon I read and then went to the store for a frozen pizza and a bottle of wine.  Now I've just come in from spending a little time on the back porch with my new camera.  It's a gorgeous and calm with a big ole moon and bright stars.  I actually set outside for awhile and enjoyed the fresh air.  Check out this gorgeous moon....


Stella spent the weekend with me and we had such a good time.  She was so content to just hangout and go for a long walk.  She took my little camera and took pictures.  She and Phoebe both have inherited my love of the camera and have a really good eye.  This is her picture of a "baby tree"....

She did so well because we were quite a ways from it and it required her to hold the camera so steady and as you can tell, she did.

She then went with me to pick up some furniture I had purchased and she came in and helped load everything.  It's so much fun to have them with me because they love it and I'm hoping it's all a learning experience. 

I worked on Saturday at Leola's so took a few things in.  I made some hearts out of some old homespun and and old pink and off-white coverlets.

 I love, love, love this old, repaired basket and my large collection of funnels.  The funnels were made into trees for Christmas but guess they had to sell for too much because there were several left.  I love them all in a basket.
Hopefully, this wonderful weather will inspire me to get a few projects started.  Everything looks kind of plain with all the Christmas down.  We'll see!!!!
Have a great week!


Myra said...

YOU with no ambition sounds pretty productive to ME! My tree is still up and decorated! Happy New Year!!

Carolyn Langston said...

What a relief to know that someone else in the world is feeling the way you described in this post! My friend and I have been asking each other, "What's wrong with me? I just feel lazy and blah." Also, your photos are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing yourself with the rest of us.

picture from Country Living