Sunday, June 22, 2014


Yesterday was the official first day of summer and it feels like it in the and humid.  Our gardens our flourishing and the farmer's markets are bursting with fresh produce.  I bought my first blueberries yesterday and already have a big bag of them in the freezer.....such a good feeling.  I find myself wandering out to the garden several times a day to check things out.

The green beans are finally coming on.  I had 2 bunnies that kept eating the leaves and was afraid I might not have any.  The neighbors must have been entertained by me chasing them out of my backyard, repeatedly, with a stick....sometimes in my p.j.s.  Hopefully, they've found a new home.

These flowers were part of a package of wildflower seeds I planted and they're so pretty. 

My kids took off this week and headed to Colorado and cooler temps.  Always feels strange when they're gone but thanks to cell phones and Facebook, I can keep up with their adventures.  They went with friends and will meet their cousins who live there.  The perfect summer vacation.

We've worked so hard the last month at Leola's trying to get everything changed around.  We've taken most of the doors down that separated the front of the shop.  It's now a large open area that seems more welcoming and is much easier to decorate.  We've combined our merchandise ( 5 of us) and makes staging so much more fun.  I took a piece from my living room to the shop and because I had no assistance, this was the method used....

And here it is in the shop....
I have loved this piece but my current challenge is to get rid of some things so when I make the decision to sell the house, there won't be so much to move.

The eldest sister in our family has just had surgery and is resting in the hospital.  Everything turned out great and we're just hoping she will recover quickly and return to her happy, funny ways.  Say a little prayer for Jean that she'll have no roadblocks in her trip to a complete recovery.  She's so important to so many people.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Sunday, and first week of summer.

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Anonymous said...

That picture of your grands is adorable!! Would make a great hooked rug!!! Went to the NEW farmer's market on Saturday....all I can say is WOW!! I try to stay true to the one at the Battlefield Mall because it's close to my home, but the new one is an event! Trying to eat all the produce coming from my in-laws beans coming out of my ears!!