Saturday, June 6, 2015

Went to a garden party......

Jean, Judy and I went to the little town where we lived for several years in our youth to see the beautiful home and garden of our long-time friend, Linda Heman.  You wouldn't believe how much time and effort has gone in to this....and love!  Linda, her cousin and her sister and husbands live in sort of a compound where they all share the same backyard.  They have a very large extended family so it sees lots of action.  LaRussell only has a population of about 100 (except when Linda has her garden party, they have the yearly September reunion, and the Thanksgiving eve festivities around the lighting of the pump that sits in the middle of the street).



This is their straw garden.  Think I'll give this a try next year....they already have tomatoes.  Wonder, too, if it would protect squash and cucumbers from beetles.  They also had green beans planted.

I don't want to say much about this until the deal is done but looks like I've bought a house.  Waiting for all inspections to be reported and then I'll share.  It's a wonderful small house and is in town.  Keep your fingers crossed and have a wonderful weekend.

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