Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Checking out Leola's.....

I worked at Leola's this afternoon and came home feeling really good about things. It was busy in that part of the world. This is Spring Break time for many kids but it was a variety of people shopping and a variety of license plates in the parking lot. That's alway a good sign.

It would be nice if the weather would stay "spring-like" for awhile. People just get enthused about working in the garden and then another cold front comes through. I've worked so hard in my yard but haven't been able to get the garden tilled. It will be so nice to drag all the furniture off the backporch and get it cleaned up. I can't wait to pull my indoor plants out to the porch. There were so many things at the shop that I'd like for the backporch. There's lots of wicker, plant stands, concrete garden statues & boxes that I could use for storage. I keep looking for a large natural fiber rug but so far no one has brought one in.

Several of us at the shop have been reading Curious Sofa Retailer blog. She's trying to explain the hard times in her business and share some of her experiences with other retailers. It's a difficult time for everyone right now and it's so helpful when someone who has been in the business for years offers to share her expertise with others and opens the floor (or blog) up for discussion of what maybe has helped one or maybe has not worked. It's been an eyeopener for us and has definitely been a learning experience. Keep up the good work Deb!

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Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

first, before i forget, can you give me the url for the curious sofa's blog so i can check it out?
thanks. (email: polkadotbarn@gmail.com)

i wanted to thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. i love it when readers leave their mark so i know who is reading.
i know how many are reading, but i want to be able to put a name with the numbers, so thanks! and, thanks for reading!!

when i got on your blog i do what i usually do and that is to look for the music machine so i can turn it OFF.
by the time i got to yours at the bottom of the page i was in love with that first artist. oh, i just love her voice and i loved the song. so i sat here and listened to the rest and now have several new artists that i must get some music from. i have never heard of any of these singers (except the movie, august rush - saw it twice:) so, thank you for having the only music i have ever liked on a blog! LOL

xoxo, jan