Saturday, April 18, 2009

A busy weekend....

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I got a little more gardening done. Then in the afternoon it started raining. I've given up on getting the garden tilled so I'm just digging it up little by little. It's so different doing everything by yourself. Mike always did the heavy stuff & I did the rest. Now I have to devise methods to do the heavy stuff. Thank heavens I have wagons and I'm strong. Anyway, it's looking good and with this rain and the warm week it should really take off.

I did manage to get some buying done for Leola's. These spice cabinets are wonderful. I've decided to hang them on my walls at home for awhile and take something down.

This mirror was kind of grungy so I did a little work on it and added a coat of varnish. It totally changed. Can you believe the wonderful yellow ware sugar crock!!!! It's amazing. You can never have enough candlesticks.

This color is so not me but is so popular right now. Not sure who made the vase but it says USA on the bottom. The little silver cat will probably be the first thing that sells. Anything with an animal on it seems to sell immediately -- especially when it's under $10.

This weather brings everyone out looking for gardening things. It seems to be really popular to put garden areas in your front yard so this calls for all kinds of different things. I'm putting cane poles in a tent in a front garden and planting squash and then trying cherry tomatoes with them. It will be so much better to use the area for vegetables then having to buy annuals that will die in August.


Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

Your blog is so comforting. I love the little bits and pieces that you share. stop by sometime!

trash talk said...

Looks like you are really staying busy! Sorry I haven't been by lately, kind of had my hands full, but I have been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.
Have you thought about planting eggplant in your front bed...the flowers are gorgeous and then the eggplant itself is just so much wonderful color? I'll check back again on you soon.