Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look who's turning five.....

Where does the time go? Seems these two were just born and here they are turning five years old. They are the dearest g'daughters any g'mother ever had. They bring me such joy. Sometimes I get so scared when I think of the world they're growing up in. What can you do to protect them. In all reality I know there's no way to protect them from everything but I'll sure give it one heck of a try. One thing for sure they will grow up knowing they're loved by lots of people and the security of knowing they have a Mom and Dad who will always love and take care of them and a couple of Grandmothers who will always be there for them. They also have a belief in God that is so simple and pure and a church family that has promised to always be there for support and love. We sure can't forget they have a great big brother who will hopefully be there to keep all those boys under control.

Happy Birthday, Stella and Phoebe, and may your 5th year be full of joy .

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Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Jan~ Sweet picture of Stella and Phoebe. Happy Birthday to them! I stopped in to Leola's the other day. The store looked great! I always enjoy looking around! Have a nice weekend! ~Mandy