Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garage sale Friday and Saturday at Leola's....

Friday was garage sale heaven in Springfield. The first one I went to I bought 3 of these quilts that I'm certain are from the late 1800's. They have real homespun on the backs that are the real narrow strips and are completely handquilted. Unfortunately, they are filthy. I'm not certain how to clean them because the homespun isn't real strong. I'll check with the Quilt Shop in Springfield.
This white table is so neat. It would be the perfect height for a potting table but would also be great behind a couch. I'm taking it to Leola's tomorrow since we sold so many tables on Saturday.

These were part of the treasures we had outside. If I even mention having a tag sale or a garage sale, I hope someone slaps me. It's so much work and almost everything we sold was inside.

Kelli is buying the red lawn furniture (there's a chair too). She's going to use it by her pool this summer then in the fall she's using it in her house. She's painting it pink and putting new cushions on it. What a great idea! Sage and Allison came to help. Sage was on a mission to sell 2 toy sets that he had brought (he's a little money-hungry). So guess who bought them -- his Aunt Judy. She bought them and packed them in my car and sent them home with me. What's ironic is that Mike and I bought them for him originally. He's a born salesman.
Sage is trying out the new tub I bought. The kids have always loved taking a bath on my backporch in the summertime. Unfortunately, my old tub was getting a bit small so this one looked perfect.

Kristi and her mom, Jeanne, also brought things for the sell. They sold a ton of stuff. She had the greatest treasures and not one dealer came. Boy, did someone lose out.

I loved Kristi's lamp.

Poison ivy update: It's doing really well but I now have hives from the medicine. Itch, itch, itch! Kelli is working for me tomorrow and I'm taking my car for new brakes. I'm also trying to get ready for the trip with my sisters starting on Friday. I need a vacation.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The pic of Sage in the tub is darling. And you're right. That lamp is amazing. I hope you are able to enjoy your sisters and some good shopping this weekend. ~Mindy

David said...

You could set up that tub with a garden backdrop for a lot of cute kid photos! Hope your hives go away soon!

Mindy has sure kept me busy lately with Winnie and Tulula's. If you get down this way, I hope you'll drop in and see her setup. She's really proud of it.

trash talk said...

Love the outdoor bath shot. Tutu cute! You made a great haul. I love old cots!!!
Law girl, don't scratch.