Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Open House at Leola's -- Sept. ll, 12, & 13

We've worked so hard this week on the shop. Everything has been moved and redone. I'm getting too old for this. I had lots of furniture this time to take & just loading & unloading about kills me. But the shop looks amazing. Thought I'd post some pictures to pique your interest.
This is the coolest pumpkin. It's made out of barbed wire.

Brenda does beautiful florals. This would be so cool on a door.

Pam was still working on her area so didn't get any good pictures of her jackets and shirts but I will tomorrow. She had some wonderful colors. If you've never tried her shirts, you should. The nicest thing about them is that they actually fit women. I've loved mine and they've been worn & washed lots of times.

I've added several new crocks in great fall colors.

If you're anywhere near Ozark tomorrow, please stop by & see us. You'll be so glad you did. Just don't say anything if I'm setting down resting my feet.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Jan! The store look wonderful! I can see lots of hard work has been happening. Here's hoping for great weather and shoppers with deep pockets! ~Mindy

Lori R. said...

Love, love, love the pottery! Your store looks so inviting. I wish I were closer, you would definately be the stop for me!!!

simplyiowa said...

Everything looks wonderful! Great Job! And yes, it was a wonderful day, good friends, good junk, a long ride in the Little Ford... It doesn't get better than that!
Take care!
Barb C.
p.s. go rest those feet!