Saturday, November 21, 2009

The sisterhood of the traveling purse.....

It was another day on the road for my new purse. Judy and I had some furniture delivered to Leola's so I had to be there before opening. Then, of course, if you put one new piece in, you have to completely re-do the whole area. It cracks me up because if I'm ever there early someone ALWAYS comes to the door and has to get in. So I take the time to open the door and let this man in & guess what he was looking for? Hammers!!! Do we friggin' look like we have hammers!!!! I don't think so. Then he wants to stick around and visit for 30 minutes. I know you're suppose to be nice to your customers & you never know who's going to buy but sometimes I just want to put a sign on the door that says "closed means closed". Sorry, I think I'm ranting!

We did finish our work about noon and Dulcy came to the shop to meet for lunch. We all went to Spring Creek for lunch and did a little shopping. It was a nice day.

Kristy is modeling Judy's decorated hat. It takes a real woman to wear a man's hat with a big red Christmas ball on it but Kristy is certainly up for the task.

Took a few pictures of Leola's.

The shop looks so fun and Christmasy right now. If you're in the area, stop and see us but if you're looking for tools or Nascar memorabilia don't ask us to open early.
Have a great weekend!


simplyiowa said...

Hey Missy!
I'm tearin' things up...again....
I'm pretty excited about the 'make-over', your shop looks so fun! {and all put together!} About the coverlet, I would not cut it... I have been tempted, to cut up some of my very worn quilts, I just don't have the heart to do it... I start sweating, my hands tremble, and that's just thinking about cutting one up...Yikes!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I worked all day in the store, and made a HUGE MESS!!!! And it had looked sooo great for my Holiday Open House... Oh well...
Take care!
Barb C.

Sweet Repose said...

I never looked at it quite that way...think I'll go get a new purse...or pocketbook, as Granny used to say...if it gives me a reason to shop, I'm all for it...but I LOVE yours!!!

Know what you mean about the earlies, they can drive you nuts when you got a lot to do...what I really don't like are the ones that walk right up to ya and say...WHERE'S YER SALE STUFF!!!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hope it stays nice with NO SNOW!!!(till like March)


pollyanns said...

Hi Jan!!! I think I recognize that little sugar plums night gown... adorable!!! I went to the shop early today looking like an air-dried drowned rat, but decided I might as well put the open sign out if I was there... had a really nice lady who was tickled that we were open and spent $50.00. I love it when that happens, but hate it when they don't let you get your work done or show up at five 'til 5pm and then look forever and walk out without so much as a thank you for staying open for me. It takes all kinds, doesn't it!
Hope you and yours have a really great Thanksgiving!