Monday, December 7, 2009

Miss Frenchie's show and shopping in K.C.

On Friday morning 4 of us loaded up and headed to KC for Miss Frenchie's sale that began Fri. evening at 5:00. We also wanted to see the Country Club Plaza which is always decorated beautifully for the holidays. They must have at least a dozen horse-drawn carriages giving rides in the evening and the streets are bustling with shoppers, diners and sight-seers. It felt like Christmas.

It's hard to make out the decorations inside Anthropologie but they had made huge white tissue flowers that looks like snowballs.
Here are Jane, Judy and Brenda inside Mission Antique Mall. It's one of our favorite places to shop even though it gets slower everytime we go and the clerks don't see to be fazed by their slowness. The tearoom was the same and always is incredibly slow. We were trying to get lunch over quickly because Brenda had a family emergency but it took forever. Seems there are so many places anymore that treat you like they're doing you a favor when we were the ones spending the money with them. Am I ranting again?
The Plaza lights through our windshield.

These are a few pictures from the antique mall.

These are pictures from our Friday evening at Miss Frenchie's. It was a beautiful show and we found lots of treasures.
One of the first people I ran into was Elizabeth Maxson from St. Louis. Usually she has an area at this show but she didn't set up but was taking pictures. She sometimes has articles in Romantic Homes plus she has a blog that is certainly worth checking out. Her MIL, Diane, shops with us at Leola's and has become a good friend.

Linda and Ludmil from Texas were also at the show and their area was great. Tomorrow I'll try to show some of the treasures I found.

This was part of Curious Sofa's area. Would have loved to take more pictures in her area but they had food & drinks set up there so needless to say, it was pretty crowded.

Here is Linda looking like she was straight out of Dr. Zhivago. It was very cool inside this old barn & the furnace wasn't working very well.

These are Linda's bottles that were so cute. I bought a couple for Allison.

There was so much vintage Christmas. I bought some things at the Rusty Chandelier. They have a wonderful store in St. Joe that I love to go to.

We're having a little rain and snow today but will somehow escape the big snowstorm that will hit north of us. Looks like all of our friends in Iowa are going to get a big one. Think I'll go check on Sharon at Sweet Repose and see if she's snowed in yet in the pink chalet.


Wish on a Whisker said...

Looks like fun!!! ~Mandy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Enjoyed seeing the pics of the show, so wish I could have went, I heard it was going to be fabulous. Glad you had a great time.

Sweet Repose said...

Bah humbug...I'm so jealous!!! Not because of where you are(well maybe a little)but because it's not snowing's been blizzarding all day...but I caved and got turbo I'm in heaven!!!

You girls have a blast, wish I could be a little traveling mouse along with ya!


pollyanns said...

You were right... we got dumped on, but it certainly is beautiful. Sounds like you had a fun trip... sorry to hear about Brenda's emergency... hope everyone is okay. Our anniversary sale starts tomorrow. I hope people will come out in the snow. It should be fine, just normal winter driving, tomorrow. Wish you could come! Have a good one!

simplyiowa said...

Oh my Gosh!!!
Love that Tree! I just want to plop down, and take in all the Good Holiday 'Feel'!
I haven't gotten my tree up yet...
Peg doesn't think I should be able to handle one more ornament...I can't get enough...really...
I'm glad to see, I know someone else who enjoys it as much as me...
Barb C.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Yes, you are right, same decor in the Anthro and we even ate at the same place. Great minds do think alike!