Friday, May 11, 2012

How does your garden grow......

My garden is growing great!  It's definitely the year of the garden.  Most strawberry  growers around say they've never had a crop like this and they say the same about the other fruit crops including peaches.  I'm so excited because I'm trying to freeze enough to last through the winter.  I just read an article about how much more benefit you get from eating local produce versus the stuff they ship in from all kinds of places.  I already have 2 big bags of strawberries to use in my smoothies this winter.

I'm so excited.....look how big my first tomato is getting.
And look what's growing that will be chopped and eaten with those delicious tomatoes.
This is basil in my herb garden, along with thyme and oregano.  Back behind is the ever-important rosemary.  And, of course, lots of chives.

Here are a few more important veggies.

I tried the squash and cucumbers in containers to see if I could fool those darn squash beetles.  They are my biggest problem in the garden.
Check out my lavender.  Isn't it incredible????  You're supposed to cut the lavender right before it blooms but not sure how big it's supposed to be.  Think I'll wait until the first bloom and then harvest.
The next is a wild flower that I dug from my Uncle Ivin's old house way out in the country near Buffalo.  He owned his family's old home place until he died about 10 years ago.  He was my mother's cousin and they lived very close until my mom's parents died in the flu epidemic about 1918.  Ivin's mom had lived in the house until she moved to be near him and they just kept the farm.  That's where we always went for family reunions.  When he died and the house went on the market we went and dug some flowers and I'm so glad I did.  I also have purple hyacinth beans that I save every year that originally came off his screened-in porch.  They always make me think of him.

This is my old bike with a basket of flowers.  It's set in my yard for lots of years now.

Went to a few garage sales today but pickin's have been pretty poor.  I did find some linens that were wonderful and a baby quilt that had a handmade patch on the back that said "handmade for baby Joshua by great grandma somebody in 2005".  Honestly, who could sell something like this?  Couldn't believe it.  Washed them and hung them on the line to brighten.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's day weekend.


Danavee said...

I love your backyard. And like you said, my Farmers' Market cilantro is NOT doing well. But the basil is!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your garden looks great! Fresh is so much better. Hubby brought home tomatoes a couple of weeks ago from the garden at the mosque. They are still sitting on the counter and still good. If I brought some home from the grocery store and set them on the counter, they would have been rotten in a few days.

Why would someone get rid of a handmade gift -- from 2005 even! That's not so long ago. It's handmade by a great grandmother for pete's sake. You are saving bulbs from your uncle's yard and they can't even find a special place for a handmade quilt. Doesn't make much sense. But now it is yours to treasure.

Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Danavee said...

Go check out my newest entry! I left an award for you!

Sarah said...

The purple "Wild Flower" looks like Spidrwort. It is very good for itchy bug bites!

Beautiful blog!