Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is it Spring.......

This weather is so crazy!  One day it's cold and the next day it's in the 60's.  I have flowers struggling to bloom, my yard is green and I saw a bird working on his nest.

This is a shot out my back door on one of those days recently when I had doors and windows open.

These are crocuses blooming in my daughters front yard.

Have been working quite a bit at Leola's and wanted to share some pics of my area.  Love this bench.  It's so hard to find benches anymore that I can buy and resale.  This one was in bad condition as far as being really dirty with some stains and old paint on it.  After cleaning it up and putting a nice finish on it, I took it to the shop.

This is one of Pam's pillows and I love it.  She's so creative and has an incredible ability to think outside the box. 

I'm on the road again today with Judy to pick up some furniture.  Hope everyone has a wonderful hump day.


Danavee said...

I love peeking at Leola's through your blog! That bench is great.

Lisa Tucker said...

Your home looks lovely....really enjoyed your post and became a follower...:)

Sharon said...

Your area always looks great ! I would like to make some benches that look like that , wish I could find some barn wood , but It would probably be hard as a rock.
This weather is crazy for sure . It's no wonder so many people are sick .