Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The sun, the sun......

Finally, the sun is out and everything is so green......gorgeous!  As much as I have complained about the spring weather, it has made for the most beautiful spring.  There even seems to be an over-abundance of birds.  Should be an amazing year for gardens....yea!!!!

So much going on in my world.  We had a great weekend at Leola's.....we were celebrating May Day.  It had been so long since spring open house,  We're so grateful for our wonderful customers (old & new) who continue to support us.   

This is also the end of school for the grands.  Sage will graduate this week from 5th grade and will be leaving Field Elementary.  Seems like yesterday that I was picking him up from kindergarten.  It's such a wonderful school and has been so good to and for him.  I like to think he's been good for them, also.

It seems I always start summer with so many resolutions.  This summer I'm planning to finish some projects around my house and to really make my garden a priority.  I've always said that my greatest contentment is when my hands are in the dirt, and I'm determined to make this the summer of my contentment.  Seems so simple yet always so hard to pull off......we'll see. 

When it comes to my house, I always want to make it a peaceful place for myself and my guests.  I've always loved Ralph Lauren and everything he does.  Recently, I found these photos on one of his websites and saved them.....

These all remind me of what we've been doing and inspire me to do more.  My garage is full and the weather seems to finally be cooperating so think I'll get busy.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and that you, too, are enjoying the sunshine and warm temps.  Yea, Spring!

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Tammy said...

I always have grand plans, even for the weekends, but don't often follow through. Too much to do, so little time. Days just flying by. School finishes early there. My oldest graduates on June 2nd and then heads off to Colorado for college this summer. Hope you continue to enjoy sun and good weather. Best wishes, Tammy