Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where does the time go.....

It's so hard for me to realize that this g'boy of mine will be leaving grade school this year and will be moving on to an amazing program at a local high school.  He was chosen to participate in an accelerated program that will take him out of his neighborhood jr. high and put him in a class where he will, hopefully, be challenged.  He's such a smart boy but way beyond that he has a heart of gold. 
He also loves music.....both vocal and instrumental. 

He played his bass yesterday with the orchestra at 5th grade graduation.  He takes on everything with such enthusiasm.  I've never heard him say that he didn't want to learn how to do something new.  He's always the first in line.

He's just a treasure to his grandma.  He's so gentle and kind with me and never has he done or said anything to hurt my feelings.  He opens doors for me, runs errands and always says "thank you". 

I know most gramma's feel this way about their grandchildren but I needed to put this down in writing for my Sage so that some day when I'm gone, he'll look back, read this, and know how much I loved him.

Have a wonderful week!


Danavee said...

Well now I've gone and gotten all teary. Precious entry.

Jenny said...



This made me cry.

Sending you a hug!

They grow up so darned fast!