Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The light at the end of the tunnel.....

My house is now hooked up to city sewer.  What a mess!  No wonder it was so dang was a lot of work and a lot of equipment being used.  This was the first day.....

They had to take my back chain link fence down and dig in the backyard.  I feel so bad about messing up the neighbor's yard but the city said it had a right-of-way and there was no other way.  Couldn't believe how deep they had to go.
They laid the pipes in yesterday and put the pump in the old septic.  Then the electrician came, hooked it up and put a big ole electrical box on the back of the house.  The city came and inspected it today and two  people came out tonight with backhoes to fill it in and smooth it out.....sort of!!!
The yard is a mess including the side yard where they made a thousand trips up and down.  I'll have to hire someone to come in to help.  Too big of a job to do myself.  What a headache this has been but I figure it's done now and I can, hopefully, get on with selling my house.
I've been able to get a few things ready for Leola's.  This lamp is so wonderful.  It's a vintage cowboy doll.  I had to rewire and do a little gluing but it is adorable.  Also made some lavender-filled bags for drawers or whatever.....I love mine in my heating pad at soothing!

I've decided to take some of my ironstone to sell.  I love it but just have too much.
My neighbor has made me these wonderful peg racks out of old wood.....
Today I am planning a day off.  I'm going with sister Judy and her granddaughter to Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.  It's the gallery that was built by one of the Walton's of Walmart fame and by all accounts is amazing.  I seriously need a day off.
Hope everyone is having a great week.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Darn, I thought you sold the house, but now read what happened. What a mess. But seems you are taking it all in stride. Enjoy your day off.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

What a job! At least it's done for you. Hope you had a good day off. ; )