Sunday, October 23, 2016

Can't believe it's fall already!  Where does the time go?  Must admit that I feel a great sense of relief at having the hot weather behind us.

Three of my sisters and myself took off last week and drove to Door County, Wisconsin.  We love it there and it didn't let us down this time either.  We stay in a lovely home with a fireplace and just relax.  Of course, there is some antiquing done both during the trip and while in Door County.

It's so much fun to antique where they have sleds, skates, snow shoes, cranberry buckets, and items more difficult to find around here.  Again, we had not one spare inch of space coming home.  We've all gone to smaller cars so we're going to have to figure out something.

Now that I'm home, I'm trying to make some Christmas things for resale.  I worked on a few things in the car as we drove.
I know....they don't look like much now but they will when I'm finished.

My front porch....

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Mine looks to be a busy one.  I'm very productive in cool weather.


Myra Hargrave said...

Good to see a post, Jan!! Glad you got to go to your favorite fall place again with some of your sisters! Your projects look great to me! I'm trying to get into some type of needle work so I'll have a hobby when and if I ever retire!! We have a new grandson coming in January, so I am getting serious about having more time for being a grandma!

I miss seeing you, once in a blue moon, like I used to!

Linda said...

How nice for you and your sisters to see door county in fall Just to rest recharge
and to antique Oh my Cant wait to see your finished projects Glad your back

linda m