Sunday, June 18, 2017

Linda's wonderful garden in LaRussell, MO.....

It started out rainy yesterday but by the time we had driven to LaRussell (about 40 minutes) the rain had stopped and the heat was moving in.  It was a beautiful morning in our friend Linda's yard.  She works so hard on this but it's her "happy place".  I know how she feels because I feel the same.

LaRussell is a very small town where we spent several years when my sisters, Judy and Mary, and I were young.  Our parents owned the local mercantile and my dad, because we lived in this house, was mayor.
It was a wonderful environment to grow up in and we made many life-long friends.  It's still a wonderful little town full of many really good people.  We love going back for visits especially when we get to roam around Linda's yard.

Behind this flower bed is where our grocery store was originally.  Someone has made it into a home now.  So good to see the building being used.
More of the yard....

 This was a shed that Linda inherited from Mr. Graff.  He lived in the farm next to where she grew up.  It is so cute and I informed her that if she would put in plumbing, I could live out my golden years here.  She's done so much work to it and the inside is perfect for spending an afternoon with a good book.
 Linda and her friends, Sandy and Jim Pharill.  Sandy writes a gardening column for the Joplin Globe.


 It was just the perfect way to spend a summer Saturday.  We drove through the countryside the rest of the day and so enjoyed it.  I'll close the post with one of our surprises.  Judy got out and stood in the weeds for this shot.....hope she didn't get chiggers!
Have a wonderful week!


dulcy said...

Wow! Take me! What a pleasure this post is. Loved every bit of it..... that yellow car is just perfect in those weeds. Love all the ways she's incorporated this and that into her garden as whimsy and planters. Fun!

summersundays-jw said...

Let me know when you're ready for a road trip....I'll introduce you to LaRussell!

Anonymous said...

I came to your page via a pin on pinterest. I'm sure glad I did. What a lovely tour and some creative and wonderfully interesting garden decorations!