Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where is Spring......

Can I just say that I'm done with winter.....no more please!  I really do feel bad because I know many have had it lots worse but today, I'm feeling really sorry for myself.  Not really....I know I have few reasons to feel sorry for myself.  My house is warm, plenty of food (although I did run out of butter) and plenty of good reading material and my sweet grandson and his friend came and shoveled my driveway.

After my daughter shoveled her way out and brought Sage and his friend over, they had it done in no time.  After they finished, I told them how grateful I was and how difficult it is for older women to shovel a complete driveway.  As we drove down the street we spotted another woman about my age shoveling.  Sage suggested we stop and see if she could use their help.  She was so pleased and shocked.  They did hers and she asked if they would mind  shoveling a path for the 84 year old woman one door down to walk down and get in her car later to go to a doctors appointment.  They also did that and put salt I had in the car on the path to melt the ice.  They did it with smiles on their face and felt so good about their accomplishments.

Then we went to Freddy's and they had triple cheeseburgers and large orders of French fries.....life is good!

Leolas Spring Open house is coming soon and I've been perusing Pinterest trying to find an idea for something I could be making.  I have some great merchandise but wish I had something to make during these long days....

I had purchased these chalkwear beauties from a friend and have managed to mark most of them.  I'm a primitive kind of girl but for some reason, I really love these little cuties.  Think maybe they remind me of kitchens when I was growing up.

I'm also marking a collection of ceramic chickens. 

Some are salt and pepper shakers while others are just singles and one is a tooth pick holder.  Took a lot of marking.

So grateful for a sunny, beautiful, 40-degree day.  Making myself trapse through the snow and fill the birdfeeders.  The poor birds must wonder what happened to me.  Kept thinking maybe they would eat some of that expensive food they dropped in the snow.  Don't think they want to stand in that snow.....spoiled birds!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.....I'm off to Leola's!

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dulcy said...

Springy yesterday.... snowing this morning. UGH!!! Tired of it all. Looking forward to Leola's open house!